Luca Zappala VFX Supervisor

My Gore tool in an article by CreativeCow

Milk VFX CEO Will Cohen pointed out that these kinds of approaches are very adaptable. “Everything you develop in one movie, every way you evolve, you carry through to the next. During the course of Hercules, when it was originally a gorefest, we developed something called a Gore Tool.”

As Nicolas explains, “This allows any kind of source — say, a sword — to meet a target on the body, it can generate any kind of fluids, blood spurts, wounds — it’s very realistic. We developed it in parallel with our other work because a lot of shots needed gore enhancement. As these things go, the film became PG-13, but the gore is applied as a matte, sort of like a pass, and could be easily adjusted. If we needed to change the amount of gore, that was the only part of the scene that needed re-rendering.

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