Visual Effects Veteran


My name is Luca Zappala, I’m a visual effects veteran with fifteen years of industry experience and three years combined of Supervision experience.

With years of experience in the film and tv industry, strong technical and artistic skills, I can contribute to various areas including hands-on team Supervision, setups, pitches, look dev, running shots.

I recently worked on several feature films specializing in effects, destructions, collapses, crashes, explosions, atmospherics effects, magical effects, particles, r&d and on tv projects with a more generalist approach.

Career highlights:
- Effects Supervisor / Head of Effects on Hugo (Academy award for best visual effects)
- Effects Lead on Inception (Academy award for best visual effects, Bafta award for special visual effects)
- Effects Lead on Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows part2 (Bafta award for special visual effects)


Please contact me for availability and rate enquiries, I can work remotely and on-site.


Below a selection of shows I’ve worked on: