Luca Zappala VFX Supervisor


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// Breakdown

Harry Potter and the deadly hallows Part 2
-Hogwarts wooden bridge destruction, pitch, r&d, lookdev, sequence Lead, shots
-Forests and trees, r&d, lookdev

-Fortress hospital destruction, r&d, lookdev, sequence Lead, shots

-Hero earthbombs, co-worked on r&d, lookdev, shots
-Forest and trees, explosion shockwave, r&d, lookdev, shots

Total Recall
-Vehicle destruction, building rigid body simulation and particles, lookdev, shot

The Hunger Games Catching Fire
-Burning dress lookdev, procedural creation, simulations, shots

Harry Potter and the deadly hallows Part 2
-Coworked on the Hogwarts shield lookdev

The Dark Knight Rises
-Stadium collapse, co-worked on rigid body simulation, r&d, shot

-Train crash sequence, sparks, lookdev and shots

-Mirror shatter and destruction, lookdev and shots (temps versions)
-Paris cafe destruction, shot
-Van falling, slow motion rain, loodev and shots (temps versions)
-Bridge closeUp, rain, ground ripples, shot

The Golden Compass
-Serafina witch (digidouble/crowd cloth), co-worked on workflow, r&d, lookdev, shots
-Fly-through snow storm, snow particles, clouds, r&d, lookdev, shots

The Hunger Games Catching Fire
-Fireworks lookdev, shots

-Dust magical wind, lookdev, shots

-Skin maggots effect, co-worked on lookdev, shots

Total Recall
-Background cars crowd sims, shots

-Snow and atmos, lookdev, effects Supervision, shots

Halo4 Game cinematics
-The maw effect, lookdev, shots

-London chimneys smoke and fog, r&d, lookdev

Xmen the last stand
-Energy shockwave effect, lookdev and shots

Halo4 Game cinematics
-Lighting, shots

-American flag, cloth and ropes simulations, r&d, lookdev and shots

The tale of Despereaux
-Co-developed cloth pipeline, shots


Harry Potter and the deadly hallows Part 2
-Effects Lead (wooden bridge sequence)
I was assigned the pitch for the Hogwarts wooden bridge destruction shots of the final battle. The pitch was successful the shots grew into a small sequence which was awarded to us.
Work resumed a year later when I was asked to look after the FX side of the sequence. After a brief few weeks building the final lookdev and workflow a team was assigned and we brought the sequence to temps and then to finals. Harry Potter and the deadly hallows Part 2 was delivered in 2011 and has won the Bafta for best visual effects.

-Effects Lead (fortress hospital sequence)
I was given a very small team and assigned the fortress hospital destruction sequence. It became clear during temp delivery that the miniature pratical shoot was going to require heavy CG augmentation. I prepared the destruction workflow, worked to establish the look and over viewed shots. The sequence was delivered in two months. Inception was released in 2010 and won the Academy award for best visual effects.

-Head of Effects / Effects Supervision (Pixomondo UK)
I was hired to open and setup the FX deparment supervise and deliver the stereo show Hugo by Martin Scorzese.
The first two months I was involved in purchasing software licenses, hiring the team, setup from scratch the fx pipeline and interface with the existing renderfarm and production tools. I also prepared the fx schedule for the show. The following three months I supervised the fx side of the show whilst maintaining a hands on approach. Hugo was successfully delivered in 2011 and won the Academy award for best visual effects.